Monday, January 17, 2011

Need Some Perspective

Rain in January has made me feel a bit of the grumps. Some days I feel like all I do is clean and my house is still in complete chaos. All I really want to do besides feel overwhelmed by my crazy house is...

Drink hot cocoa after sledding.

Go fishing with Dan and shoot photos all day.

Listen to live music.

Pretty much anything with Ava when she isn't whiny and break molars.

Color with my niece.


Wine tasting in CA.

Watch my nephew's infectious smile.

Complete an unfinished project with my mom.

Help a child have an 'i get it' moment.

Watch a thunderstorm with my dad.

Laugh with my sis.

Dance in the kitchen with my hubby.

Listen to music while reading to start a great day.

A nap in the sun shining in the window.

Sit by the woodstove and sing with Ava.

Have Ava ask to hold my hand for a while.

See wildlife.

Visit Michigan.

Cook out.

Play games with my family.

Learn a new skill.

Find a new recipe that actually can be made.

Well, I guess there are a few great things I could do instead of cleaning tomorrow.

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