Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Beautiful Day

We've had a great day. Church was very active as Ava had a lot to share with everyone - praying, singing; she participated in all. She is becoming quite the Chatty Kathy.

Spaghetti from top to bottom for lunch. Quick nap and then on to the projects.

Outdoor fun at Grandma and Papa's, buying tomato plants to put in our yard - because she LOVES tomatoes, and working on a nightstand that will become a little play kitchen and then some more outdoor fun - had to help Grandpa weed his garden.

The sun is out; the birds are chirping, and we are celebrating our days together.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Wondering

Oh to be able to stay home, create projects, sew, craft, play and spend time with my family ~ all while making enough money to at least pay our bills. This is the pondering for my day. When I find the final answer I'll pass it on to all of you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Beginner

Well, here we go. I'm entering the world of blogging in a hopeful attempt to keep everyone updated on our life as often as you would like to check in on us.

The summer is humming along in Ennis, MT although we have only had a handful of summery days. Ava perfers to be outside without any clothes most of the time; Dan is working two days a week at the school and enjoying the new motor he bought for his boat. He has spent a lot of peaceful hours on Cliff Lake, south of Ennis.

I am spending some time getting my feet back underneath me and rejuvinating my soul a bit. Cleaning out the house, rearranging and searching for a meaningful job. I'm working on refinishing some furniture for Ava's room which includes creating a play kitchen out of an old nightstand. If I could just find that old nightstand.

We continue to work on our house and play with our dogs.

Mostly we appreciate our days together and the beauty in which we call home.